What is the Quran

As Muslims, we believe that certain Prophets were revealed divine books. For example the Torah, Zabur, Injeel (Gospel) and of course the Quran. All these books taught the belief and worship of One God, but overtime were changed, apart from the Quran, in which Allah promises to protect as his final revelation. The Quran also contains many scientific and unexplained miracles to prove it the book in which “there is no doubt”.

The Quran is for all people, from  all walks of life, it was sent to the entirety of mankind. And is the most beautiful of books, and is even more beautiful when it is recited.

Blind Muslim convert from Canada “Abu Hafsa”, reciting the Quran.


Allay says in the Quran: “Do they not then meditate on the Qur’an? And if it were from any other than Allah, they would have found in it many a discrepancy.” (Quran 4:82)

Allah says in the Quran, if you want to contest it, come up with just “One Chapter” of it’s like, but you will not be able to.

“‘If all the humans and all the jinns bonded together in order to produce a Quran like this, they could never produce anything like it, no matter how much assistance they lent one another.’” (Qur’an 17:88)

And if you are in doubt as to which We have revealed to Our servant, thenproduce a sura like it, and call on your helper, besides Allah, if you are truthful. (Qur’an 2:23)

“O mankind! verily there hath come to you a convincing proof from your Lord: for We have sent unto you a light (that is) manifest.

Then those who believe in Allah and hold fast to Him soon will He admit them to Mercy and Grace from Him and guide them to Himself by a straight Way.” Qur’an 4:174-175   Surah An-Nisaa (The Women)
The Quran has never ever been changed since the moment it was brought down, studies have concluded these findings, and it is a true testament to the verse:
“Verily, We have sent down the remembrance (The Qur’an) and surely We will preserve it.” [Sooratul-Hijr 15:9].
There are many scientific miracles in the Quran, which have been proved by modern science these include examples of embryology, geology, oceanology and many more. Please check out this website for more. www.miraclesofthequran.com/
This is parchment of the final Quran, collected during the time of the leadership of Uthman (RA)